Faith at Home for Families

At the moment, we can’t go to the places where we might be encouraged to talk to God, like school or church. So St Mary’s would like to support families who might be wondering how they can make space at home (whether that’s a physical space or time set aside) for thinking and praying, whether together or individually.

One of the wonderful things that the Bible tells us is that God promises to be with us every day, and when we are his friend, we can talk to him in a prayer anytime and anywhere! And that includes your home!

Each week we will add an Activity which we hope you’ll enjoy. And each Activity will help you think and wonder about God, and will encourage you to pray to him.

Activity 1 is to create a Prayer Treasure Box, and week by week you’ll be able to add things to the box which will help you focus on God and talk to him.

Have fun!

Lisa, Liz, Tricia, Judith and Jo


Download introduction here

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Download activity 2 here

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Download activity 5 here

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